On the road again

Just like the old Willie Nelson song. I am on the road again.

This time out temporary home is Yakima Washington. The sign outside of town says the Palm Sprints of Washington… a couple of guys on the crew would argue the point… I think I will just stay out of it. But I can tell you that it doesn’t look much like Palm Springs to me  🙂

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Home Again!

It’s funny how some things can change so radically in such a short period of time…

For instance, not too long ago a weekend at home was… well… a weekend at home. Nothing special really. Time to veg out in from of the computer or TV, perhaps play video games to pass the time. Maybe even spend a bit of time with the family until it was time to go back to work on Monday. It was all rather mundane I am ashamed to say.

That was then…

Now my new job takes me away from home for weeks at a time. What was once commonplace and rather pedestrian time that needed to be filled has become so very precious to me. I suppose it is true; we really don’t know what we have until it has been taken away from us. And once that thing is gone it is of paramount importance to try to recapture just a bit of what once was in some real and meaningful way.

I suppose it is human nature to value the thing that is rare. I can assure you that I have come to value moments in person with my family so much more than I used to. Therefore I pledge here and now to find creative ways to show my wife and two amazing sons just how much I value them.


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The problem with Valentines day

Happy Valentines Day

As I sit here all alone in my hotel room in Idaho Falls it occurs to me that the big problem with Valentines day is you feel sort of like a loser if you spend it alone.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have a lovely wife that I am devoted to… in fact life would be truly miserable if the knowing that she is there went away and I found myself truly alone in this big bad world. Yet here I am and even with the knowledge that I have my hearts desire I can’t shake the reality that on this most romantic day of the year I am sitting in a hotel room making a blog post rather than spending quality time with the one I love.

So here is what I am going to do, in true 21st Century fashion I am going to sit here an enjoy my dinner ( I made a Lobster Bisque tonight in the microwave… OK I heated up a can of lobster bisque in the microwave) and spend a few moments wooing the love of my life via the inter-webs.

I hope you all don’t mind.

Dear, I am sorry that I can not be there with you this evening. I just wanted you to know that you are truly, completely, and forever the love of my life. From our very first meeting all those years ago back in college I knew that there was something very special about you. From those early days as I came to know you my love grew and grew. You surpassed all of my wildest dreams, and even today prove to me daily just how precious your love is. I am humbled that you chose to share your life with me and I just hope that I can always find ways to show you just how deep my love goes. I am so sorry that we must spend tonight separated by hundreds of miles but I am sending you my love to you even now as I write this and perhaps just perhaps if you close your eyes and think of me for just a moment and picture a happy moment from our past you might feel some of that love flowing to you. I know that is what I am spending this evening doing… thinking of you…

Your smile

Your contagious laugh

Your sweet lips

Your lovely bright eyes

Your thoughtful and caring heart

Your kindness and consideration to just about everyone you meet

Your class

Your boundless intelligence

Your sense of humor

Your drive to be the best you in everything you do

Your patience

and all those things that would make you blush if I mentioned them here.

Thank you for being the love of my life, thank you for being the mother of my children, thank you for making me a better man.

I do not deserve these gifts and because of this I am a man who truly understands the concept of grace.

Happy Valentines day my love! I wish I could be there with you right now!

Hey, you know what everyone… I don’t fell so all alone any more.

To all of you who may read this post I wish you a very happy Valentines day. And I wish you love… just remember… we are never truly alone in this world of ours… and there is enough love for all of us, every one of us, from near or from afar, there is love for each of us we simply must seek and find it and then do everything that we can to keep it. I wish for the kind of love that I am privileged and thankful to receive each and every day.


Bardic Soul

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My very first post :)

Hello world (borrowed that from wordpress) welcome to my blog.

As I write this very first post I am sitting in lovely Idaho Falls Idaho. Starting a new job tomorrow. The job should take five days, then I am told we will be on our way to Yakima Washington. So, you ask, what kind of job takes a man to such exotic locations as Idaho Falls and Yakima? Well I will tell you. I am a newly minted Retail Merchandiser, what is a retail merchandiser you ask… well I am not quite sure since I have only been on a couple of jobs but as far as I can tell it is part construction, part inventory stocking, and a lot of looking for a job to keep you busy so that the boss doesn’t yell at you.

The very best part about this job so far is the travel. For instance my first job took me to LA California, then they flew me up to Juneau Alaska for a week and now am in Idaho Falls… oh well they can’t all be exotic locations I suppose. Anyway, the job is hard for a guy who has spent the last 7 years on his butt, but I am learning quite a bit and meeting some INTERESTING people. While it is very hard for me to be away from my family for weeks on end, it does pay the bills I suppose.

I have decided that while this new career might not last for years and years (lets face it I left my wife and kids 6 hours ago and I already miss them) nevertheless it is a wonderful opportunity for me to learn some valuable life lessons.

Lessons learned so far:

The importance of Patience, Perseverance, Self Reliance, and how to eat out almost every single night! LOL! Actually I am working on that last one… the lesson I hope to learn is how to create gourmet meals in my room with only the assistance of WalMart, a mini Microwave, and a dorm room refrigerator. All I can say is thank heaven, turkey sandwiches, top ramen, and spagetti-o’s with meat balls.


Bardic Soul

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